Here are the steps for updating the Winamaz plugin

These details relate to version : 1.2.6, and only if you are currently using version 1.2.0 or above

If you are using an older version of Winamaz (lower than 1.2.0), you must replace it via your server using ftp.


  • Check that your installation meets the system requirements. You will find it on this page.
  • Perform a backup of your site
  • Check that in the list of plugins, Winamaz proposes an update. If that is not the case, go to and click on « Check again
  • If you have addons installed (stocks or affiliate link for example), please disable them.
  • If you created any customized templates in your WordPress theme, click here
  • Launch the update
  • Delete the addons that you previously deactivated. if you are still using the API Add-on, please delete and install the new version downloadable HERE.
  • During the update, the plugin remplaces a number of the shortcodes on your pages(*). We advise you nonetheless to check if they are all in order.
  • Now you must empty ALL the caches : your navigator cache, plugin cache, Cloudflare cache (if you are using Cloudflare), Winamaz cache ( « Plugin settings » tab)
  • From the «Plugin settings » : Click on « Synchronize platforms », click on « Regenerate images », click on « Clear database »
  • Check the different tabs : Affiliation, Plugin settings, Customization, Tables etc… to make sure your rules are in place and to activate new options.
  • That’s it, the update is complete. If you encounter any issues, consult the help provided at the bottom of this page.


(*) We had to change the naming of certain shortcodes.

For example  [winamaz asin=""] becomes [winamaz single="XXX"]
template="grid" becomes template="vertical"
template="table" becomes template="horizontal"


Everything is up to date in the shortcode generator, and of course on this page.


Errors that may occur after the update

Error :  “Your license has expired, please update it.”

Solution : empty ALL the caches : your navigator cache, Cloudflare cache (if you are using Cloudflare). On the « Activation » tab re-enter all the information required in the fields that was provided to you when your purchased your license : Email, password, license.

If the problem continues, please contact support.


Error: Impossible to connect to an affiliation platform or to activate certain advertisers

Solution :

  1. 1. In the « Plugin settings » tab click on « Synchronize platforms
  2. 2. In the affiliation tab, click on the « Refresh » button of the associated platform 👇

If the problem continues, please contact support.