Prices compared and up to date for thousands of products via the Winamaz API

Our API allows you to query our database and obtain in real time the compared prices of product(s) of your choice from numerous merchants as well as a lot of other information. Whether it’s to boost your affiliate income or price monitoring, the Winamaz API is for you. No need for WordPress unlike the Winamaz plugin. You directly retrieve the data and integrate them into your site and/or your applications. It’s up to you to define the number of monthly requests you need for your business and subscribe now to take advantage of all the opportunities that open to you thanks to our API.

Information on Winamaz API

  • Requests must be done through HTTPS only.
  • Winamaz proposes two methods of authentication : « basic and tokens»
  • The Winamaz API provides responses in JSON format.
  • All available Winamaz API methods will be sent to you when you place your order
  • You can run tests using Postman by importing Winamaz API postman collection