Boost your affiliate revenue with Winamaz Full plugin

Why choose Winamaz Full
for your Amazon affiliated links ?

Affiliation is a significant source of income for website publishers. However, the current solutions offered do not address all publishers’ requirements. The Winamaz team faced the same problems and decided to develop their own plugin that they perfected over time. Today, it is a fully functional WordPress plugin that Winamaz already uses regularly and is now available for your own websites.

A single plugin for multiple affiliation platforms

Winamaz is compatible with the main affiliate platforms in France and is expanding internationally into Spain, England, Canada, the US and more…

Each month new stores will be added in France and abroad! Winamaz will let you speak up and listens to your requirements!
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Transform your affiliate site
into a price comparator!

Winamaz is a WordPress plugin that will make it easier for you to create affiliate links and enable you to increase your commissions with not just one affiliate platform, but multiple platforms. Easy to configure, it allows you to take full advantage of the potential of your page(s) by placing affiliate links to monetize your site. It is multilingual and regional, which means that publishers can subscribe to platforms and advertisers in multiple countries (depending on availability on Winamaz) and configure the plugin for optimal use.

Comparison tables

Using the models provided, generate in a few clicks, one or more comparative tables each containing a product referenced on several platforms. Need more product choices in one table – create your own comparison tables for multiple products across multiple platforms at once

Product presentation

Thanks to the Winamaz Full Shortcodes you can put visually attractive links on your page towards products. It can be a horizontal or a vertical box, with or without an image, with or without a description. All you have to do is indicate your choices in the toolkit displayed in your back office in order to have a pre-filled shortcode.


Several filters are available that allow the creation of tables or boxes that send the visitor to the best deal of the moment. You can also choose to only display products lower or higher than a specific price.


Placing a list of best-sellers from one category of products is an excellent method to generate more clicks and to earn more commissions. With Winamaz Full you can configure a table or a grid display for the best-sellers.

Easily track out-of-stock products

Monitor and receive by email each day the pages of your site that display out of stock products.

Automated Price Updates

Winamaz automatically updates the prices on your web pages, at least once a day

Swift migration from AAWP to Winamaz

For AAWP plugin users, Winamaz offers a migration plugin making it easier for you to replace the shortcodes and migrate quickly.


Insert on your website (and even in your Winamaz box) a coupon or other promotional offer valid on Amazon. You can configure all the details related to each coupon.

Customized Design

Boxes or charts generated by the Winamaz Lite Plugin are fully customizable to match your website design.

Continuous Updates

Every month Winamaz Full releases new functions, new designs

Multiregional /lingual

easily configure each of your Amazon APIs (per country or region) and decide the language of the pages it links to

Easy to use… And completely customizable!

No need to write code to use Winamaz Full  to benefit from its full potential. Its shortcodes are simple and powerful. Back office is straightforward, intuitive and easy to learn so that anyone can use Winamaz Lite to boost their Amazon affiliate profit. Developers will be able to customize templates thanks to WordPress Hooks.

Once the shortcode including the ASIN product ID is integrated into your page, you will have nothing more to take care of. Winamaz Full manages everything for you with an automatic update of prices, and lists the best price options for the consumer etc.

A wide variety of Options

Do you just want to send a link to a specific product? Do you want to include in your page the list of the best sellers in a product category? Do you want to publish a price comparison table to summarize your article? Do you want to let your visitors benefit from the best promotions of the moment? All this is possible with Winamaz and always in connection with several affiliation platforms  . Do you need specific customization or dedicated functionality? Contact us.

Strengthen the conversion power
of your website with Winamaz

Affiliate Links


Single or Multiple




Easy and Fast

Automatic Price

Numerous Filters
on Product Lists

Multiple affiliation

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