Winamaz affiliation

Monetize your audience by becoming a Winamaz affiliate ! Do you like our plug-in? Why not promote it on your site or your networks and generate additional income thanks to the commissions you will receive?

Why sign up for the Winamaz affiliate program?

You know Winamaz

If you use our plug-in, you already know how affiliation works. When it concerns a product you use on a daily basis, as is the case with Winamaz, it’s even easier to promote it and thus get clicks on your affiliate links.

Clear payment terms

With the Winamaz affiliate program, there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes to paying commissions. Everything is clearly stated:

  • 20% commission on the amount before tax
  • Obligation to be declared as a company or micro-entrepreneur (you will be asked for an intra-community VAT number)
  • Payment threshold set at €100 excluding VAT
  • Payment made EXCLUSIVELY by bank transfer within a maximum of 15 days after receipt of the invoice

20 % commission

This is a particularly interesting percentage for an affiliate program. It allows you to really monetize your audience and reach the payment threshold quite quickly.


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    What products does the Winamaz affiliate program cover?

    Our affiliate program covers all our products:

    • Winamaz Full licenses of our plug-in (currently sold in France only)
    • Winamaz Lite licenses of our plug-in
    • Subscriptions for the Winamaz API (currently sold in France only)

    What are you waiting for to join the Winamaz affiliate program?

    • Are you using the Winamaz plug-in on your sites?
    • Are you satisfied with the results obtained thanks to this product?
    • Promote it and participate in the development of Winamaz!