Platforms and Advertisers available on Winamaz

On this page, we present you the affiliate platforms and partner merchants by country or region. This page is updated with each new addition. So don’t hesitate to come back and check it regularly.

If your merchants are not listed, contact us and we will look to add them for you.

# Merchant Creation date Category Merchant status No. of products Sign up for the affiliate program Platform Country
pataugas Pataugas Pataugas -- General Active -- pataugas Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
vente-du-diable Vente du Diable Vente du Diable -- General Active -- vente-du-diable Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
rueducommerce RueDuCommerce RueDuCommerce -- General Active -- rueducommerce Awin fr-country Awin fr
docmorris DocMorris DocMorris -- General Active -- docmorris Awin fr-country Awin fr
devred-1902 Devred 1902 Devred 1902 -- General Active -- devred-1902 Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
kappa Kappa Kappa -- General Active -- kappa Awin es-country Awin es
carrefour Carrefour Carrefour -- General Active -- carrefour Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
etam Etam Etam -- General Active -- etam Awin fr-country Awin fr
afb AfB AfB -- General Active -- afb Awin fr-country Awin fr
lafuma Lafuma Lafuma -- General Active -- lafuma Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
radis-et-capucine Radis et Capucine Radis et Capucine -- General Active -- radis-et-capucine Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
boutique-arthur Boutique Arthur Boutique Arthur -- General Active -- boutique-arthur Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
gamm-vert Gamm Vert Gamm Vert -- General Active -- gamm-vert Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
moto-axxe Moto-Axxe Moto-Axxe -- General Active -- moto-axxe Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
jpg JPG JPG -- General Active -- jpg Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
aeg AEG AEG -- Household appliances Active -- aeg Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
nv-gallery NV Gallery NV Gallery -- General Active -- nv-gallery Rakuten Advertising fr-country Rakuten Advertising fr
easy-lunettes Easy Lunettes Easy Lunettes -- General Active -- easy-lunettes Awin fr-country Awin fr
senetic Senetic Senetic -- General Active -- senetic Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
achat-ski Achat Ski Achat Ski -- General Active -- achat-ski Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
bellissima Bellissima Bellissima -- Hair styling Active -- bellissima Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
piecesauto24 PiecesAuto24 PiecesAuto24 -- General Active -- piecesauto24 Awin fr-country Awin fr
picwictoys PicWicToys PicWicToys -- General Active -- picwictoys Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
medor-et-compagnie Médor et Compagnie Médor et Compagnie -- General Active -- medor-et-compagnie Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
fitadium Fitadium Fitadium -- General Active -- fitadium Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
fnac-pro Fnac Pro Fnac Pro -- General Active -- fnac-pro Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
direct-running Direct Running Direct Running -- Équipement de running Active -- direct-running Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
la-grande-recre La Grande Récré La Grande Récré -- General Active -- la-grande-recre Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
cimalp Cimalp Cimalp -- General Active -- cimalp Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
nocibe Nocibé Nocibé -- General Active -- nocibe Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
sb-supply SB Supply SB Supply -- Accessoires et gadgets électronique Active -- sb-supply TradeTracker fr-country TradeTracker fr
hardloop Hardloop Hardloop -- General Active -- hardloop Awin fr-country Awin fr
cyrillus-affinitaire Cyrillus - Affinitaire Cyrillus - Affinitaire -- Mode et Maison Active -- cyrillus-affinitaire Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
under-armour Under Armour Under Armour -- General Active -- under-armour Awin es-country Awin es
tassimo Tassimo Tassimo -- General Active -- tassimo Awin es-country Awin es
eminence Eminence Eminence -- General Active -- eminence Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
zanussi Zanussi Zanussi -- Household appliances Active -- zanussi Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
colizey Colizey Colizey -- General Active -- colizey Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
blissim Blissim Blissim -- General Active -- blissim Awin fr-country Awin fr
go-sport Go Sport Go Sport -- General Active -- go-sport Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
cuddledown Cuddledown Cuddledown -- Bedding Active -- cuddledown Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
lepape Lepape Lepape -- General Active -- lepape CJ Affiliate es-country CJ Affiliate es
i-run i-Run i-Run -- General Active -- i-run Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
electro-depot Electro Dépôt Electro Dépôt -- General Active -- electro-depot Effiliation es-country Effiliation es
berceau-magique Berceau magique Berceau magique -- General Active -- berceau-magique Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
blade-and-rose Blade and Rose Blade and Rose -- General Active -- blade-and-rose Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
pneus Pneus Pneus -- General Active -- pneus Awin fr-country Awin fr
darty-pro Darty Pro Darty Pro -- General Active -- darty-pro Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
3ppharma 3PPharma 3PPharma -- Pharmacie Active -- 3ppharma Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
senkys Senkys Senkys -- Boutique plaisir Active -- senkys Awin fr-country Awin fr
speedway Speedway Speedway -- General Active -- speedway Tradedoubler fr-country Tradedoubler fr
keller-sports Keller Sports Keller Sports -- General Active -- keller-sports Webgains fr-country Webgains fr
galeries-lafayette Galeries Lafayette Galeries Lafayette -- General Active -- galeries-lafayette Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
pret-a-jardiner Prêt à Jardiner Prêt à Jardiner -- General Active -- pret-a-jardiner Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
hypnia Hypnia Hypnia -- General Active -- hypnia Kwanko es-country Kwanko es
vitality-4-life Vitality 4 Life Vitality 4 Life -- General Active -- vitality-4-life Awin fr-country Awin fr
passage-du-desir Passage du Désir Passage du Désir -- General Active -- passage-du-desir Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
cortina-casa Cortina Casa Cortina Casa -- General Active -- cortina-casa Kwanko es-country Kwanko es
oxybul-idkids Oxybul - IDKids Oxybul - IDKids -- General Active -- oxybul-idkids Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
pixmania Pixmania Pixmania -- Mobile Phones Active -- pixmania Awin fr-country Awin fr
le-roi-du-matelas Le Roi du Matelas Le Roi du Matelas -- General Active -- le-roi-du-matelas Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
bershka Bershka Bershka -- Fashion clothing retailer Active -- bershka Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
champion-direct Champion direct Champion direct -- General Active -- champion-direct Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
next-day-camera-shop Next Day Camera Shop Next Day Camera Shop -- Photographic/electronic equipment Active -- next-day-camera-shop Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
la-maison-du-whisky La Maison du whisky La Maison du whisky -- General Active -- la-maison-du-whisky Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
miss-numerique Miss Numérique Miss Numérique -- Matériel numérique Active -- miss-numerique Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
piscineco Piscineco Piscineco -- General Active -- piscineco Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
essix Essix Essix -- General Active -- essix Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
biocyte Biocyte Biocyte -- General Active -- biocyte TimeOne fr-country TimeOne fr
timberland Timberland Timberland -- Clothing and Accessories Active -- timberland Rakuten Advertising en-country Rakuten Advertising en
maxiscoot Maxiscoot Maxiscoot -- General Active -- maxiscoot Tradedoubler fr-country Tradedoubler fr
decathlon Decathlon Decathlon -- General Active -- decathlon Rakuten Advertising fr-country Rakuten Advertising fr
orchestra Orchestra Orchestra -- General Active -- orchestra Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
nordictrack NordicTrack NordicTrack -- Equipement de fitness Active -- nordictrack Awin fr-country Awin fr
isotoner Isotoner Isotoner -- General Active -- isotoner Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
conforama Conforama Conforama -- General Active -- conforama Awin es-country Awin es
manomano-network ManoMano Network ManoMano Network -- General Active -- manomano-network Awin fr-country Awin fr
foot-locker Foot Locker Foot Locker -- General Active -- foot-locker Awin es-country Awin es
cultura Cultura Cultura -- General Active -- cultura Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
norauto Norauto Norauto -- General Active -- norauto Effiliation es-country Effiliation es
la-redoute La Redoute La Redoute -- General Active -- la-redoute Awin fr-country Awin fr
vertbaudet Vertbaudet Vertbaudet -- General Active -- vertbaudet Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
motocard Motocard Motocard -- General Active -- motocard Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
motocard Motocard Motocard -- General Active -- motocard Tradedoubler fr-country Tradedoubler fr
spa-gonflable Spa gonflable Spa gonflable -- General Active -- spa-gonflable Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
armani-beauty Armani Beauty Armani Beauty -- General Active -- armani-beauty Awin es-country Awin es
digixo Digixo Digixo -- High-Tech Active -- digixo TimeOne fr-country TimeOne fr
oviala Oviala Oviala -- General Active -- oviala Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
bebe-de-paris Bébé de Paris Bébé de Paris -- Articles pour bébé et enfants Active -- bebe-de-paris TradeTracker fr-country TradeTracker fr
uriage Uriage Uriage -- General Active -- uriage Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
snowleader Snowleader Snowleader -- Equipements de ski et de rando Active -- snowleader Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
dormitienda Dormitienda Dormitienda -- General Active -- dormitienda Awin es-country Awin es
private-sport-shop Private Sport Shop Private Sport Shop -- General Active -- private-sport-shop TimeOne es-country TimeOne es
joli-essence Joli'Essence Joli'Essence -- General Active -- joli-essence Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
ekoi Ekoi Ekoi -- Vélos et accessoires Active -- ekoi Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
songmics Songmics Songmics -- Maison et jardin Active -- songmics TradeTracker fr-country TradeTracker fr
saramart Saramart Saramart -- General Active -- saramart Webgains en-country Webgains en
certideal CertiDeal CertiDeal -- General Active -- certideal Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
motoblouz Motoblouz Motoblouz -- General Active -- motoblouz Effiliation es-country Effiliation es
vertbaudet Vertbaudet Vertbaudet -- General Active -- vertbaudet TimeOne es-country TimeOne es
converse Converse Converse -- General Active -- converse Awin es-country Awin es
benetton Benetton Benetton -- General Active -- benetton Webgains fr-country Webgains fr
schuh Schuh Schuh -- General Active -- schuh Awin en-country Awin en
saramart Saramart Saramart -- General Active -- saramart Webgains fr-country Webgains fr
optical-center Optical Center Optical Center -- General Active -- optical-center Awin fr-country Awin fr
comptoir-de-l-homme Comptoir de l'homme Comptoir de l'homme -- General Active -- comptoir-de-l-homme Awin fr-country Awin fr
momox-shop Momox Shop Momox Shop -- General Active -- momox-shop Awin fr-country Awin fr
viapresse Viapresse Viapresse -- General Active -- viapresse Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
factorefurb FactoRefurb FactoRefurb -- General Active -- factorefurb Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
inko inko inko -- Printer Ink Active -- inko Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
maxicoffee MaxiCoffee MaxiCoffee -- General Active -- maxicoffee Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
maxxess Maxxess Maxxess -- General Active -- maxxess Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
little-crevette Little Crevette Little Crevette -- General Active -- little-crevette Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
arctic-pure Arctic Pure Arctic Pure -- Well-being supplements Active -- arctic-pure Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
lea-nature-boutique Léa Nature Boutique Léa Nature Boutique -- General Active -- lea-nature-boutique Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
cemonjardin Cémonjardin Cémonjardin -- General Active -- cemonjardin Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
mobeventpro Mobeventpro Mobeventpro -- General Active -- mobeventpro Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
lemon-curve Lemon Curve Lemon Curve -- General Active -- lemon-curve Awin fr-country Awin fr
declikdeco Declikdeco Declikdeco -- General Active -- declikdeco Awin fr-country Awin fr
pandora Pandora Pandora -- General Active -- pandora Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
e-leclerc E.Leclerc E.Leclerc -- General Active -- e-leclerc Awin fr-country Awin fr
punch-power Punch Power Punch Power -- Nutrition sportive bio Active -- punch-power Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
electro-depot Electro Dépôt Electro Dépôt -- General Active -- electro-depot Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
deguise-toi Deguise Toi Deguise Toi -- General Active -- deguise-toi Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
piscine-center Piscine Center Piscine Center -- General Active -- piscine-center Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
temps-l Temps L Temps L -- General Active -- temps-l Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
son-video-com -- General Active -- son-video-com Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
castorama Castorama Castorama -- General Active -- castorama Awin fr-country Awin fr
venca Venca Venca -- General Active -- venca Effiliation es-country Effiliation es
laboratoires-de-biarritz Laboratoires de Biarritz Laboratoires de Biarritz -- General Active -- laboratoires-de-biarritz Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
pieces-auto Pièces auto Pièces auto -- General Active -- pieces-auto Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
bois-dessus-bois-dessous Bois Dessus Bois Dessous Bois Dessus Bois Dessous -- General Active -- bois-dessus-bois-dessous Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
yousporty Yousporty Yousporty -- Mode sportive Active -- yousporty TradeTracker fr-country TradeTracker fr
mencorner Mencorner Mencorner -- General Active -- mencorner Awin fr-country Awin fr
intersport Intersport Intersport -- Détaillant d'articles de sport Active -- intersport Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
racetools Racetools Racetools -- General Active -- racetools Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
ign IGN IGN -- General Active -- ign TimeOne fr-country TimeOne fr
grosbill GrosBill GrosBill -- General Active -- grosbill Awin fr-country Awin fr
inmac-wstore Inmac Wstore Inmac Wstore -- General Active -- inmac-wstore Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
maisons-du-monde Maisons du Monde Maisons du Monde -- General Active -- maisons-du-monde Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
simply-supplements Simply Supplements Simply Supplements -- General Active -- simply-supplements Awin fr-country Awin fr
parapharmacie-et-medicament Parapharmacie et médicament Parapharmacie et médicament -- General Active -- parapharmacie-et-medicament Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
istore iStore iStore -- General Active -- istore Webgains en-country Webgains en
detecteurs Detecteurs Detecteurs -- Détecteurs Active -- detecteurs Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
manomano ManoMano ManoMano -- General Active -- manomano Awin en-country Awin en
galaxus Galaxus Galaxus -- Détaillant en ligne Active -- galaxus Tradedoubler fr-country Tradedoubler fr
polar Polar Polar -- General Active -- polar Webgains fr-country Webgains fr
celio Celio Celio -- General Active -- celio Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
carpardoo Carpardoo Carpardoo -- Pièces Auto Active -- carpardoo Tradedoubler fr-country Tradedoubler fr
acer Acer Acer -- General Active -- acer Awin es-country Awin es
superdry Superdry Superdry -- Clothing and Accessories Active -- superdry Rakuten Advertising en-country Rakuten Advertising en
top-office Top Office Top Office -- General Active -- top-office Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
brico-cash Brico Cash Brico Cash -- Maison et Jardin Active -- brico-cash Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
boulanger Boulanger Boulanger -- General Active -- boulanger Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
winparts Winparts Winparts -- Pièces de voiture Active -- winparts TradeTracker fr-country TradeTracker fr
tape-a-l-il Tape à l'œil Tape à l'œil -- General Active -- tape-a-l-il Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
adbb-autour-de-bebe adbb - Autour de Bébé adbb - Autour de Bébé -- Active -- adbb-autour-de-bebe Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
motoblouz Motoblouz Motoblouz -- General Active -- motoblouz Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
pieces-et-pneus Pièces et Pneus Pièces et Pneus -- General Active -- pieces-et-pneus Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
asos Asos Asos -- Clothing and Accessories Active -- asos Rakuten Advertising en-country Rakuten Advertising en
creavea Creavea Creavea -- General Active -- creavea Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
bricomarche Bricomarché Bricomarché -- General Active -- bricomarche Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
tous Tous Tous -- General Active -- tous TimeOne es-country TimeOne es
rose-ou-bleu Rose ou Bleu Rose ou Bleu -- General Active -- rose-ou-bleu Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
inside75 Inside75 Inside75 -- General Active -- inside75 Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
but BUT BUT -- General Active -- but Awin fr-country Awin fr
iolo iolo iolo -- PC Security Active -- iolo Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
nos-envies-deco Nos envies deco Nos envies deco -- General Active -- nos-envies-deco Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
ekoi Ekoi Ekoi -- General Active -- ekoi Effiliation es-country Effiliation es
gear4music Gear4Music Gear4Music -- Musical Instruments Active -- gear4music Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
maxpeedingrods Maxpeedingrods Maxpeedingrods -- Pièces de voiture Active -- maxpeedingrods Tradedoubler fr-country Tradedoubler fr
3-suisses 3 suisses 3 suisses -- General Active -- 3-suisses Awin fr-country Awin fr
impericon Impericon Impericon -- Les marques 'Fashion' Active -- impericon Awin fr-country Awin fr
wanimo Wanimo Wanimo -- General Active -- wanimo Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
topvitamine Topvitamine Topvitamine -- Vitamines, suppléments, superaliments Active -- topvitamine TradeTracker fr-country TradeTracker fr
dc-shoes DC Shoes DC Shoes -- General Active -- dc-shoes Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
wordans-es Wordans Es Wordans Es -- General Active -- wordans-es Effiliation es-country Effiliation es
wiggle Wiggle Wiggle -- General Active -- wiggle Awin fr-country Awin fr
jacquie-michel-store Jacquie & Michel Store Jacquie & Michel Store -- General Active -- jacquie-michel-store Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
superdry Superdry Superdry -- Clothing and Accessories Active -- superdry Rakuten Advertising en-us-country Rakuten Advertising en-us
lookfantastic LookFantastic LookFantastic -- General Active -- lookfantastic Awin es-country Awin es
lepape Lepape Lepape -- General Active -- lepape CJ Affiliate en-country CJ Affiliate en
glossybox Glossybox Glossybox -- General Active -- glossybox Awin fr-country Awin fr
welcome-office Welcome Office Welcome Office -- General Active -- welcome-office Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
oscaro Oscaro Oscaro -- General Active -- oscaro Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
securinorme Securinorme Securinorme -- General Active -- securinorme Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
hypnia Hypnia Hypnia -- General Active -- hypnia Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
sport-outlet Sport Outlet Sport Outlet -- General Active -- sport-outlet Awin fr-country Awin fr
lookfantastic LookFantastic LookFantastic -- General Active -- lookfantastic Awin en-country Awin en
webdealauto WebdealAuto WebdealAuto -- General Active -- webdealauto Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
manomano ManoMano ManoMano -- General Active -- manomano Awin fr-country Awin fr
under-armour Under Armour Under Armour -- General Active -- under-armour Awin fr-country Awin fr
moon-creations Moon Creations Moon Creations -- Special effects makeup Active -- moon-creations Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
rekt Rekt Rekt -- General Active -- rekt Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
norauto Norauto Norauto -- General Active -- norauto Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
fnac Fnac Fnac -- General Active -- fnac Awin fr-country Awin fr
picture Picture Picture -- Vêtements sports d'hiver Active -- picture Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
univers-poussette Univers Poussette Univers Poussette -- General Active -- univers-poussette Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
columbia Columbia Columbia -- General Active -- columbia Rakuten Advertising fr-country Rakuten Advertising fr
velo-store Vélo Store Vélo Store -- Vélos Active -- velo-store Awin fr-country Awin fr
timberland Timberland Timberland -- General Active -- timberland Rakuten Advertising fr-country Rakuten Advertising fr
rakuten Rakuten Rakuten -- General Active -- rakuten Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
ekosport Ekosport Ekosport -- General Active -- ekosport Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
daxon Daxon Daxon -- General Active -- daxon Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
athena Athena Athena -- General Active -- athena Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
c-comme-cadeau C comme Cadeau C comme Cadeau -- General Active -- c-comme-cadeau Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
watchshop WatchShop WatchShop -- General Active -- watchshop Awin fr-country Awin fr
rossignol Rossignol Rossignol -- General Active -- rossignol Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
certideal CertiDeal CertiDeal -- General Active -- certideal Effiliation es-country Effiliation es
helline Helline Helline -- General Active -- helline Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
k-swiss K-Swiss K-Swiss -- Footwear Active -- k-swiss Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
adidas Adidas Adidas -- Sportswear Active -- adidas TradeTracker fr-country TradeTracker fr
electrolux Electrolux Electrolux -- Household appliances Active -- electrolux Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
molton-brown Molton Brown Molton Brown -- Health & Beauty Active -- molton-brown Rakuten Advertising en-country Rakuten Advertising en
oscaro Oscaro Oscaro -- General Active -- oscaro Effiliation es-country Effiliation es
wegoboard Wegoboard Wegoboard -- General Active -- wegoboard Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
macway Macway Macway -- General Active -- macway Awin fr-country Awin fr
idkids-textile IDKids - Textile IDKids - Textile -- General Active -- idkids-textile Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
bikes-online Bikes Online Bikes Online -- General Active -- bikes-online Awin en-us-country Awin en-us
alltricks Alltricks Alltricks -- General Active -- alltricks Effiliation es-country Effiliation es
manomano ManoMano ManoMano -- General Active -- manomano Awin es-country Awin es
lyophilise-co Lyophilise & Co Lyophilise & Co -- General Active -- lyophilise-co Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
fc-moto FC-Moto FC-Moto -- General Active -- fc-moto Webgains fr-country Webgains fr
shop-pharmacie Shop Pharmacie Shop Pharmacie -- Pharmacie et parapharmacie en ligne Active -- shop-pharmacie Awin fr-country Awin fr
lookfantastic LookFantastic LookFantastic -- General Active -- lookfantastic Awin fr-country Awin fr
revue-technique-automobile Revue Technique Automobile Revue Technique Automobile -- General Active -- revue-technique-automobile Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
red-by-sfr RED by SFR RED by SFR -- General Active -- red-by-sfr Awin fr-country Awin fr
jardideco Jardideco Jardideco -- General Active -- jardideco Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
marionnaud Marionnaud Marionnaud -- General Active -- marionnaud Awin fr-country Awin fr
just-ebike-com -- Vélo électrique Active -- just-ebike-com Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
beautynstyle Beautynstyle Beautynstyle -- Cosmetic retailer Active -- beautynstyle Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
beauty-success Beauty Success Beauty Success -- General Active -- beauty-success Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
durex Durex Durex -- General Active -- durex Webgains fr-country Webgains fr
otelo Otelo Otelo -- General Active -- otelo Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
ebay eBay eBay -- Active -- ebay Ebay fr-country Ebay fr
woodbrass Woodbrass Woodbrass -- General Active -- woodbrass Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
conforama Conforama Conforama -- General Active -- conforama Awin fr-country Awin fr
lapeyre Lapeyre Lapeyre -- General Active -- lapeyre Awin fr-country Awin fr
foodspring FoodSpring FoodSpring -- General Active -- foodspring Awin en-country Awin en
news-parfums News Parfums News Parfums -- General Active -- news-parfums Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
espaceplaisir Espaceplaisir Espaceplaisir -- General Active -- espaceplaisir Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
courir Courir Courir -- General Active -- courir Awin fr-country Awin fr
xiaomi Xiaomi Xiaomi -- General Active -- xiaomi Awin en-country Awin en
photospecialist Photospecialist Photospecialist -- Appareils électroniques Active -- photospecialist TradeTracker fr-country TradeTracker fr
foodspring FoodSpring FoodSpring -- General Active -- foodspring Awin fr-country Awin fr
gorilla-sports Gorilla Sports Gorilla Sports -- General Active -- gorilla-sports Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
ecosusi Ecosusi Ecosusi -- General Active -- ecosusi Awin en-us-country Awin en-us
123pneus 123pneus 123pneus -- Vente de pneus Active -- 123pneus Tradedoubler fr-country Tradedoubler fr
alltricks Alltricks Alltricks -- General Active -- alltricks Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
therm-ic Therm-ic Therm-ic -- General Active -- therm-ic Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
nike Nike Nike -- General Active -- nike Awin fr-country Awin fr
santafixie Santafixie Santafixie -- Urban Cycling Specialists Active -- santafixie Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
rue-des-plantes Rue des plantes Rue des plantes -- General Active -- rue-des-plantes Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
biocoop Biocoop Biocoop -- General Active -- biocoop Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
wrth-modyf Würth Modyf Würth Modyf -- General Active -- wrth-modyf Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
123-consommables 123 Consommables 123 Consommables -- General Active -- 123-consommables Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
propolia Propolia Propolia -- Well-being, hygiene and cosmetic treatments Active -- propolia Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
tapis-chic Tapis Chic Tapis Chic -- General Active -- tapis-chic Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
foot-locker Foot Locker Foot Locker -- General Active -- foot-locker Awin fr-country Awin fr
eyrolles Eyrolles Eyrolles -- General Active -- eyrolles Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
bricorama Bricorama Bricorama -- General Active -- bricorama Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
alpinstore Alpinstore Alpinstore -- General Active -- alpinstore Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
homemaison HomeMaison HomeMaison -- General Active -- homemaison Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
outiror Outiror Outiror -- General Active -- outiror Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
peluche-fr -- General Active -- peluche-fr Affilae fr-country Affilae fr
barefaced-beauty-cosmetics-with-ethics BareFaced Beauty - Cosmetics With Ethics BareFaced Beauty - Cosmetics With Ethics -- Cosmetics Active -- barefaced-beauty-cosmetics-with-ethics Tradedoubler en-country Tradedoubler en
amorelie Amorelie Amorelie -- General Active -- amorelie Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
lidl Lidl Lidl -- Supermarché Active -- lidl Awin fr-country Awin fr
bermudes Bermudes Bermudes -- General Active -- bermudes Awin fr-country Awin fr
nike Nike Nike -- General Active -- nike Awin en-country Awin en
maisons-du-monde Maisons du Monde Maisons du Monde -- General Active -- maisons-du-monde Effiliation es-country Effiliation es
canon Canon Canon -- General Active -- canon Awin fr-country Awin fr
cdiscount Cdiscount Cdiscount -- General Active -- cdiscount Awin fr-country Awin fr
centrale-brico Centrale Brico Centrale Brico -- General Active -- centrale-brico Kwanko fr-country Kwanko fr
dunelm Dunelm Dunelm -- General Active -- dunelm Awin en-country Awin en
foodspring FoodSpring FoodSpring -- General Active -- foodspring Awin es-country Awin es
la-becanerie La Bécanerie La Bécanerie -- Pièces accessoires et équipements 2 roues Active -- la-becanerie Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
ideoideal IdeoIdeal IdeoIdeal -- General Active -- ideoideal Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
bocage Bocage Bocage -- General Active -- bocage Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
tradition-des-vosges Tradition des vosges Tradition des vosges -- General Active -- tradition-des-vosges Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
darty Darty Darty -- General Active -- darty Awin fr-country Awin fr
desigual Desigual Desigual -- Mode Femme & Homme Active -- desigual TradeTracker fr-country TradeTracker fr
burton Burton Burton -- Mode Femme & Homme Active -- burton Effiliation fr-country Effiliation fr
lego LEGO LEGO -- General Active -- lego Rakuten Advertising fr-country Rakuten Advertising fr
norverg NORVERG NORVERG -- Compléments Alimentaires Active -- norverg Tradedoubler fr-country Tradedoubler fr
i-run i-Run i-Run -- General Active -- i-run Kwanko es-country Kwanko es
biotherm Biotherm Biotherm -- General Active -- biotherm Awin es-country Awin es
b-q B & Q B & Q -- General Active -- b-q Awin en-country Awin en
trek-expert Trek Expert Trek Expert -- Matériel Outdoor Active -- trek-expert Awin fr-country Awin fr
atelier-goldner Atelier Goldner Atelier Goldner -- Prêt-à-porter féminin Active -- atelier-goldner Awin fr-country Awin fr

The Winamaz team is constantly working to offer you more and more features and merchants in order to enrich the offer of your sites.

On this page, we present you the affiliation platforms and partner merchants by country and/or by region. This includes France and new developing markets – including Spain, the UK, the USA and Canada.

This page is updated with each new addition. So please check back regularly. Merchants and platforms with a “coming soon” icon will be available in the next update of the plugin.

Using Winamaz does not give you the right to be validated on a platform or a merchant. You must open an account on the platforms AND ask each merchant for validation.