How to create manual affiliate links

Manual affiliate links – all you need to know!

Winamaz’ affiliate links creation module allows you to manually create links to add products from advertisers that are not integrated in Winamaz so they can nontheless be presented on editors websites.

Where to start?

Once you have decided which product(s) you wish to manually add to your pages, open the “Affiliate links” module available from the “Winamaz” menu:

Creating an affiliate link in Winamaz?

In order to create an affiliate link, you must be able to link it to the same product available at another advertiser on Winamaz (this can be Amazon or another advertiser).  Note that you can add any link (tracked or otherwise) to the button shortcode – click here for more information on shortocodes.

Create and define your link(s) within the Affiliate links module in Winamaz via your WordPress back office.

  1. Within the Winamaz « Affiliate links » module, click the “Add” button to commence creation of a new link :

The following pop-up is then displayed :

  1. Complete the fields as explained in the table below:
Field Name Description Example
Merchant Add the Name of the advertiser Walmart
Link Add the tracked link for the product you are presenting https://www.tracked-link/ip/SAMSUNG-50-Class-Q60A-QLED-4K-Smart-TV-QN50Q60AAFXZA/309190612
Image Link Add the link to the advertiser’s logo (from your website media file) https://website-link/walmart.png
Show at Choose “All shortcodes” to enable the product to be displayed in any type of shortcode you use on your pages or choose one specific one All Shortcodes
Product (Keyword) Add the EAN or ASIN code or Keyword the product link should be linked to B09V88PLB2
Price Enter the Price to be displayed 498.00
>Discount Enter the value of any discount to be displayed 129.99
  1. Once completed, click on the “Save” button:

The affiliate link is then saved and will appear in your shortcodes if the related Product Keyword is present.  You can use the “status” button to activate or deactivate a link:

You will also have access to the icons to modify the affiliate link; duplicate the link or delete the link .


Once the affiliate link is saved and activated, it will appear in the results of one or more shortcodes that contain the Product Keyword defined within the affiliate link details.

Here are two shortcodes containing the Product Keyword “B09V88PLB2” as defined in the example above:

[winamaz single=”B09V88PLB2″ template=”horizontal”] [winamaz listsimple=”B09V88PLB2″]

By previewing the shortcodes, you can view the resulting presentation boxes/lists. As you can see, the 30EUR discount shown in the example is taken into account in both shortcodes. Also, in the list of simple shortcodes, “Best Price” and % Off tags have been added on the manual affiliate link:

Clicking on the “Check” button next to the advertiser will take you to the tracked page where the visitor can purchase the product:

In summary, Winamaz provides editors with a method to manually create affiliate links to display products in Winamaz shortcodes, from advertisers that are not integrated (as long as the product exists on Amazon or another advertiser available on Winamaz).  It enables editors  to provide more choice to their visitors.