How to use Coupons

Coupons – all you need to know!

Winamaz’s Coupon creation module allows you to manually create coupones to add to your product boxes or standalone on your pages.  This could be a general coupon proposed by one or more of your advertisers or a specific coupon that an advertiser has created for you as their affiliate.  Every shopper loves a coupon discount and Winamaz enables you to present them in a complete and attractive manner.

Where to start?

Before using coupons on your pages, you need to create them.  This is done within the the “Coupon” module available from the “Winamaz” menu:

Creating a coupon in Winamaz

Create and define your coupon(s) within the Coupon module in Winamaz via your WordPress back office.

  1. Within the Winamaz « Coupon » module, click the “Add” button to commence creation of a new discount coupon :

The following pop-up is then displayed :

  1. Complete the fields as explained in the table below:
Field Name Description >Example
Title Give a name to the coupon Xiaomi Winter Sale
Merchant Name Add the Name of the advertiser the coupon relates to Xiaomi
Coupon Code Add the “official” code to be used to redeem the coupon WINTERSALE
Discount Add the value of the discount 20
%; €; Delivery Choose the type of discount from the dropdown list (percentage; fixed amount; free delivery) Amount
Validity Date Add the end date for the offer 19/01/23
Conditions Add any conditions related to the offer such as minimum purchase as provided by the advertiser £20 off when you spend £200 or more on selected items using mobile app.  Click here for full details: (link to promotion conditions on advertiser website)
Link Add the link to the coupon including tracking https://(trackedlink)


  1. Once completed, click on the “Save” button:

The Coupon is then saved and can then be used directly via the Coupon shortcode or by adding the coupon parameter to any of the available shortcodes:

You will also have access to the icons to modify the coupon details ; copy the coupon shortcode or delete the coupon .

Displaying a coupon using the Winamaz Coupon Shortcode

The coupon can be displayed anywhere on your website by using the Winamaz voucher= shortcode

On your webpage or within your article, choose the “Coupon” option within the “Select Type” field of the Shortcode Generator as shown below:

Within the “Coupon” field, select the coupon you wish to display:

Next click on the “Generate” button to create the shortcode:

The following pop-up box will be displayed enabling you to paste the shortcode onto your page:

By previewing the shortcode, you can view the resulting coupon:

And click on “See conditions” will show all the conditions entered previously:

Displaying a coupon as a parameter in a Winamaz Shortcode

The coupon can be displayed together as part of another Winamaz shortcode as shown below by adding the coupon= parameter:

[winamaz ean=”6934177763076″ template=”horizontal” coupon=”6″]

In this example the coupon is displayed below the presentation box :

In summary, Winamaz provides editors with a method to manually create coupons and display them on their own or within product presentation boxes or lists. Editors can present a complete offering to their visitors – including attractive product choices with tracked affiliate links and any associated coupons.