How to use shortcode Offer

Shortcode Winamaz= “offer” – everything you need to know!

Winamaz’s inbuilt shortcodes give you a variety of product presentation options. Winamaz ensures the rapid creation of attractive affiliate promotions that can be customized to match the look and feel of your website. The new Winamaz=”offer” shortcode is used to present multiple products from CPC (Cost Per Click) type platforms and is available for LITE and FULL customers. The platform currently available via Winamaz in CPC is Kelkoo. No technical knowledge is required to use our shortcodes. The Winamaz=”offer” shortcode is available through the Winamaz shortcode generator which is used to search and showcase products:

Where to start?

Before you can use the Winamaz=”offer” shortcode, you need to configure the Kelkoo platform*: *Please make sure you have an active Kelkoo account for the regions/countries you wish to access via Winamaz. If there are limitations on your account relating to regions or advertisers, please contact Kelkoo support directly to modify them.
  1. In the WordPress backoffice of your site, open the “Affiliation” tab from the “Configuration” menu from Winamaz:
  2. Scroll down to find the Kelkoo platform:
  3. Activez-la plateforme en mettant le bouton « Off » sur « On» et rajoutez votre token :
Le field « Tracking ID » is optional Once you have decided on the products you want to present via Kelkoo, you can create your presentation boxes. Shortcode Winamaz = “offer” Open your post or web page from your WordPress website.
  1. Go to the “Winamaz Shortcode” generator on your page and choose the “Offers (CPC)” shortcode and in the “Select type” drop-down list:
A certain number of fields are displayed :
  1. At a minimum, enter a value in the “Keyword” field (this can be a product keyword or a brand, or even an EAN if you want to show a single product):
The different fields are explained in the table below:
Field Name Description Exemple
Keyword Enter a product keyword or brand name or even an EAN (if you want to show a single product) ‘Iphone’ or ‘Adidas’
Custom Tracking ID Website name to track your earnings on a specific site
Exclude Merchants Enter the names of the merchants you want to exclude from the results advertisername1, advertisername2
Platform Kelkoo by default Kelkoo
Template Choose between horizontal or vertical (vertical by default) Vertical
  1. Once the fields are filled in, click on “Generate” to create your shortcode – the following ‘pop-up’ will appear  and you can use the ‘paste’ function to add the shortcode to your page:
  2. Then click on “Save Draft” followed by “Preview” to see what your shortcode looks like
The product boxes are displayed. The default configuration is: a single page with 6 articles and 4 columns by width:  
  1. By clicking on the button next to one of the products, the affiliate link to the advertiser’s site and the product page opens:

Additional Parameters

Additional settings that can help you refine/sort/edit your results (like adding price range; removing price information, button text formatting, etc.) can be accessed by clicking “Display more options (Advanced)”: The different fields are explained in the table below:
Field Name Description Example
Filter by By clicking on “Filter by”, and choosing “price”, the “Filter price” and “Filter options ” fields are displayed: Choose a filter option and enter the value(s) in « Filter price ».
Result Order By: Choose the option « price » to sort the product list by price
Order Result Choose « Ascending » or « descending »
Product Limit The number of products to search for on the platform 8
Columns Number of boxes to present across the page width 4
Title You can disable the title if you do not wish to display it
Image You can disable the image if you do not wish to display it
Display Prices You can disable the price if you do not wish to display it
Link on title and image Add the affiliate link to the image and title
Price update date Add the date of the last product update
Coupon Add a coupon to the shortocde (the coupon must be created first)
CSS Class Add additional parameters using CSS (html) e.g. : winamaz-boxed | winamaz-no-shadow.
Affiliate Button Text Change the text on the button in the product boxes

Example with price filtering and sorting and personnalisation:

Voici le shortcode généré : [winamaz offer=”Iphone” filterby=”price” filter=”12,25″ compare=”range” orderby=”price” order=”asc” items=”8″ column=”4″ button_text=”Buy now!”]

And the result:

    • Prices are indeed within the defined range
    • Sorting is from least to most expensive
    • There are 8 products in total displayed over two rows and 4 columns on each
    • The text on the buttons is modified as per the personalised text

Customization of the affiliate button background :

The “affiliate button color” can be modified via the Winamaz “Customization” module – by clicking on the coloured circle, a new colour can be chosen or a colour code entered: The new colour is displayed: Click on the « Save » button to save the changes

Winamaz=”Offer” shortcode compatibility with other modules and global settings

Product notes – this module allows you to create notes to add before or after your shortcodes (example below) depending on the keyword present there. Click here for more information on this module. Stock Management – ​​this module allows you to view and replace keywords that are no longer valid in your shortcodes (example below). Click here for more information on this module. Load More – if you enable this setting, your visitors will be able to load more Kelkoo products relative to your shortcode settings (item count; price range; model; etc). Below is an example:By clicking « Load More » the search is launched again to present the next group of products: The process can be repeated. Cloaking – if you enable the global setting to hide your links, your Kelkoo affiliate links will also be hidden from search engines. Multilingual websites If you are using either polylang or WPML multilingual plugins, please click here for information on how to configure your plugin for use with Winamaz and Kelkoo.