Be Black Friday ready with Winamaz WP Plugin for price comparison

Boost affiliate marketing sales during Black Friday

One of the biggest days/weekends/weeks(!) for market affiliators, Black Friday has become the shopping event of the year.  Promotions are starting earlier and earlier and lasting longer as advertisers compete for custom. With millions of discounts and the majority of brands participating, the choice can even be overwhelming.  More and more people use the Black Friday period to kick-off their Christmas shopping and be ready for the festive season. We also know that with online shopping still on trend, an ever-increasing number of sales during Black Friday take place online.  It is estimated that despite potential reductions in spending, affiliate marketers still earn up to 20% of their affiliation revenue during the month of November.  Of course, in terms of affiliate marketing revenue, content managers are dependent on advertisers – how brands present their offers and the deals they provide to their affiliates is essential. Editors too need to be on top of their game, firstly by optimising their landing pages to entice customers and by offering a variety of select products with the most advantageous offers and promotions, thus ensuring those CTA have meaning and there is nothing to distract the customer from buying.  Creating a specialised page for your top BF offers including detailed product reviews and recommendations is another great way of focussing customers and helping them in their purchasing decision.

Perfect the Black Friday experience for your visitors with Winamaz

Once you have enticed customers to your site using ads, social media posts, email campaigns, you need to get them to buy from you.  Winamaz is the best WP Plugin to help you monetise your sites and maximise revenue from affiliate sales. Here’s a look at just a few key features that can boost your affiliate sales this Black Friday:
  • Choice using Price comparison: our multiplatform version enables you to configure a multitude of advertisers to present your customers with choice in an attractive and simple way. You can combine advertisers from platforms including Awin, Affilae, Kwanko, Tradedoubler, TimeOne, Webgains and include Amazon if you so wish (see below)
  • Incentive using Voucher codes: with Winamaz, you can create coupons to add to a page or to one or more presentation boxes or lists as shown below.  Highlighting a particular offer or brand that you want to promote for Black Friday.

  • Confidence using Stock management – a big no-no for the Black Friday period is presenting affiliate links with unavailable products. Our WP Plugin can help with this in two ways.
    • Firstly, product feeds are updated regularly and automatically, so if an advertiser removes a product, it will be removed from your boxes and lists also, leaving only those advertisers who still have it in stock. Prices will also be updated during this process ensuring you have the most up-to-date information available.
    • Secondly, you can use our Stock Management feature to get informed when a product code is no longer valid and replace them via our tool.
  • Presentation using templates: with templates such as Newest products and Best Sellers (which is great for Black Friday), you can present your products in a few simple clicks. They will be kept updated and you can personalise results to include only promos, adding your own colours, text and so on to your boxes.

Shortcode : [winamaz bestseller=”havianas”]

  • Redirection using geolocalistion: configure your Amazon marketplaces in Winamaz to provide seamless redirection to the Amazon page for each visitors’ region.
These are just a few of the great features available to our plugin users – for more information go to our website A final note – don’t overdo it– choose quality over quantity with products that you yourself use or have tested rather than just including as many affiliate links as possible. Be-winamazing and be Ready for Black Friday with Winamaz!