Low-hanging fruits!

What is LowFruits?

I have to say a love the name of this tool and once you understand what it does, the name makes perfect sense ! Read on for a high-level overview of its main features.

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Low Fruits is a tool that essentially enables its users to analyse SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) not only faster but more efficiently, letting you know which keywords perform better – picking off those low-hanging fruits ! You’ll know who you’re going up against be able to pick the keywords you can easily compete for.

Who can benefit from LowFruits ?

The simple answer is anyone with a website running on content that you rely on to increase your rankings, including niche or content website owners.

Instead of analyzing the SERPs one by one, use LowFruits to filter keywords in bulk find easy-to-target keywords or LowFruits !

Get ahead of the competition with key features and anayltics

·     Long-tail keywords : LowFruits reports return real-time long-tail keywords that your audience is looking for right now, based on your seed keyword.

·      Filter those keywords by intent: High-intent (use them to focus on conversions) ; Before purchase ; After purchase ; Comparison

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·      200+ modifiers : the tool will automatically apply them using Alphabet Soup prefill and wildcards around your seed keyword – saving you hours of manual entry and testing.

·      Identify and outperform weak websites : use the DA filter and analysis fonctions to identify weak websites ranking for your query and analyse the top 10 SERP results

·      Clusters : group keywords with the same intent to ensure you don’t cannibalise your content by writing a separate article for every keyword, thus providing more comprehensive content that ranks well.

·      Word Count : counts the main page content of your competitors to see how you compare and enable you adjust your content based on results.

·      Analyse competitors’ SERPS : looking at website type ; domain age and monetization. This can be useful to to decide, for example, if a keyword is worth pursuing based on competitor ranking, or if a particular niche could work well with our Winamaz price comparator.

·      Subscribers : find top performers by niche low-authority websites that get plenty of traffic.

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These are just some key advantages to signing up to LowFruits and with pay-as-you go or annual /monthly packages there is a solution that fits your needs.

For more information check out their website : https://lowfruits.io/