Updating the Winamaz plugin

Here are the steps for updating the Winamaz plugin

Steps to follow:

  • Check that your installation meets the system requirements. You will find it on this page.
  • Perform a backup of your site
  • Check that in the list of plugins, Winamaz proposes an update. If that is not the case, go to https:www.votresite.com/wp-admin/update-core.php and click on « Check again
  • If you have addons installed (stocks or affiliate link for example), please disable them.
  • If you created any customized templates in your WordPress theme, click here
  • Launch the update
  • Delete the addons that you previously deactivated. if you are still using the API Add-on, please delete and install the new version downloadable HERE.
  • During the update, the plugin remplaces a number of the shortcodes on your pages(*). We advise you nonetheless to check if they are all in order.
  • Now you must empty ALL the caches : your navigator cache, plugin cache, Cloudflare cache (if you are using Cloudflare), Winamaz cache ( « Plugin settings » tab)
  • From the «Plugin settings » : Click on « Synchronize platforms », click on « Regenerate images », click on « Clear database »
  • Check the different tabs : Affiliation, Plugin settings, Customization, Tables etc… to make sure your rules are in place and to activate new options.
  • That’s it, the update is complete. If you encounter any issues, consult the help provided at the bottom of this page.

(*) We had to change the naming of certain shortcodes.

For example  [winamaz asin=""] becomes [winamaz single="XXX"]
template="grid" becomes template="vertical"
template="table" becomes template="horizontal"

Everything is up to date in the shortcode generator, and of course on this page.

Errors that may occur after the update

Error :  “Your license has expired, please update it.”

Solution : empty ALL the caches : your navigator cache cache Cloudflare (if you are using Cloudflare). On the « Activation » tab re-enter all the information required in the fields that was provided to you when your purchased your license : Email, password, license.

If the problem continues, please contact support.

Error : Impossible to connect to an affiliation platform or to activate certain advertisers

Solution :

  1. In the « Plugin settings » tab click on « Synchronize platforms
  2. In the affiliation tab, click on the « Refresh » button of the associated platform 👇

If the problem continues, please contact support.