Winamaz licenses – all you need to know!

Winamaz proposes two plugin versions depending on each editor’s requirements.  In addition, a certain number of free addons are also made available to all users.  An alternative option for non WordPress users, is the Winamaz API.

Our range of solutions enables all types of affiliates to implement a solution adapted to their requirements, whether they want to present products from Amazon, Kelkoo, or advertisers accessible via multiple affiliation platforms (Awin, Kwanko, Rakuten, Timeone etc).

Where to start?

To choose which license is adapted to your needs, you simply need to answer a few simple questions:

For example, as shown above, if you only wish to use Kelkoo or Amazon or a combination of the two, then the LITE license is sufficient.  However, should you wish to add advertisers from multiple platforms, including Awin, Effiliation, Tradedoubler, Webgains etc, then the FULL license is required.  For editors who do not use WordPress, then our API license enables you to integrate Winamaz directly into your application(s).

Understanding the license components

This section explains the difference license choices per type:

  1. Plugin Winamaz – licences annuelles

Toutes les options de licence, qu’elles soient basées sur LITE ou FULL, sont activées dans le même plugin. Cela signifie que si vous mettez à niveau, rétrogradez ou modifiez votre type de licence, il n’est pas nécessaire de réinstaller le plug-in. Cette section explique les différents choix de licence par type:

  • LITE

LLicences provide unlimited access to both Amazon (CPA) and Kelkoo (CPC) by default.  The only choice to be made is the number of sites you wish to install the plugin on – from 1 to 100! Prices start from 29EUR and can be found here

  • FULL

Licences provide unlimited access to both Amazon* (CPA) and Kelkoo (CPC) by default as well as multiplatform access based on your license options – number of sites and number of product credits (1 credit is deducted each time an EAN/ASIN within a shortcode returns a result with one or more of your advertisers) shared across your site. Prices start from 99EUR for 1 site and 500 product credits and can be found here

* The FULL version of the plugin can be used without Amazon keys for non-Amazon, multiplatform affiliates.

  • ADDONS – Winamaz provides a number of free addons to support their users.  The following are currently available:
    • Migration tool – assists ex-AAWP users to migrate their shortcodes to Winamaz
    • Amazon API (currently limited to Amazon France) – bypass Amazon API limitations
    • Technical prerequisites for the plugin can be viewed here
    • Activation prerequisites for both LITE and FULL can be viewed here along with the installation guide
  • 2. API – monthly recurring license with no minimum duration:

Our API allows you to query our database and obtain in real time the compared prices of product(s) of your choice from numerous advertisers. All license options are based on the number of API credits and include a free Starter pack with 500 Credits.  License options can be found here.  More information on our API offer can be found here

Purchasing your license

Licenses are purchased online via the pricing page.

  1. Order process

Once you have chosen the type of license you require, you simply click on your chosen product from the pricing page.  In the example, the Winamaz Pro + FULL is chosen:

Clicking on the “Buy Now” button of your chosen product will take you to the checkout page.  If you are an existing customer, you can login to your account:

Clicking on the “Login” button will open your account billing information and order page.

Otherwise, complete the billing details to create a new account- the email address used will be linked to your Winamaz license and be used to connect to your Winamaz account :

First add any valid promotion code if available and click on “Apply coupon”:

Next, check that the billing information is correct, before scrolling down to the order information.  Once again check that the order details are correct and tick the check boxes to confirm terms and conditions before clicking “Place Order”:

The paddle payment pop-up will be displayed.  Choose paypal or enter your card details to purchase your license.

The same process is applied to free addons that can be ordered here:

Once the order is placed, you will see the details of your order – example of free AAWP migration tool- and be able to download your addon or plugin:

Note that for Winamaz licenses, you will receive the relevant license activation details by email.

You can also renew existing licenses directly from within your account

Need help?  Email our support team